Nightshift – Issue 204. July 2012 >>

‘Even if summer has decided to stay in the pub for the duration, we can still dream we’re sitting in a sundrenched beach-front bar in Ibiza while gazing at the small river flowing down what once was our street. And so Left of Manila feel like an appropriate soundtrack to such reveries, super-chilled dreampop and ambient electro of a seductively melodic vintage. ‘At Your Side’ seems to go nowhere in particular and with precious little haste, but it looks very pretty while it’s about it – like a baby koala sipping a cocktail up a eucalyptus tree – recalling some of Brian Eno’s studio dabbling with Robert Fripp, or Orbital’s most spaced-out trips. ‘Asleep in Stone’ is hypnotic and somnambulant, spacey and spacious, the distorted, clacking electro beats discreet enough for the drifting electronics to breathe, echoes of Boards of Canada beneath the singer’s frankly gorgeous voice. Onward they roam, no reason to hurry; you’re under their spell and, like finding yourself in the land of the lotus-eaters,it’s all too easy to stretch out, cast out all thoughts and simply while the rest of your life away. Oh dear, it’s started raining again. Never mind. Wake us up when tea’s ready.’