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Recording at Abbey Road for Johann Johannsson ‘Theory of Everything’ feature film music

Ed Bentley worked as Johann Johannsson’s studio assistant on the upcoming Universal Pictures feature film ‘The Theory of Everything’.

World Cup 2014 ‘protest’ song – Os Milhões Que Somos

Brasil World Cup protest song …   written by Daniel Arruda arrangement by Ed Bentley and Daniel Arruda produced by Ed Bentley and Daniel Arruda all rights reserved Bakermoon Records 2014

Willy Gantrim, Telephone recordings…

An series of Delta Blues recordings made at Bakermoon studios in Berlin with a ‘Telephone’ microphone…  

A selection of recent Live recordings made at Paul Lincke Studios of various Berlin based artists, by Ed Bentley

“How To Build An Arc” – 7″ Vinyl by James. P. Honey…co-produced by Bakermoon

The unstoppable James. P. Honey of A Band Of Buries fame releases “How To Build An Arc” as a split 7″ Vinyl – James. P. Honey / Les Swashbuckling Napoleons – on London’s Mism Records. “How To Build An Arc” was … Continue reading

Latest Left of Manila track ‘Keep you Walking’ available now for streaming …

‘A Band of Buriers’ haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games, recorded by Bakermoon

Bakermoon and Grannyflat Studios record A Band of Buriers’ haunting live performance of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’, on location somewhere in the Oxfordshire countryside …    

Left of Manila sign licensing agreement for ‘Coast EP’

Excited to announce that we have secured a non-exclusive licensing agreement for the Left of Manila ‘Coast EP’ with L.A based Experience Music Group.