Welcome to Bakermoon

High-end alternative music production & mixing by Ed Bentley


Bakermoon is the recording studio of Ed Bentley, a British musician, music producer, engineer, mixer, composer and songwriter. 

Growing up in London and Rio de Janeiro, Ed opened Bakermoon Studios in 2007 in Hackney as a creative space to produce friends’s early demos.

2012 saw a move over to Berlin where he grew Bakermoon into a high-end commercial recording facility that became the go to place for many in the Berlin music community. 

In various capacities, Ed has worked with a wide array of artists and genres over the years, from the GRAMMY nominated composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, engineering the platinum-selling ‘Tied Up Right Now’ by PARCELS, to the pioneering works of Holly Hendon’s PROTO (BBC6 Mary Anne Hobbs’ album of 2019), to the many colourful corners of the independent music scene, including engineering the Top 10 album ‘Wonderer’ by MOGLI. 

In a word, Ed has developed a reputation for capturing live organic performances in the studio, bringing a modern approach to old school 24 track recording, and keeping things simple.

As an artist, he began writing and recording songs at home aged 13 on old school cassette decks and Tascam 8-track hard disk recorders. To this end he made 6 full length ‘demo albums’, writing over 100 songs.

His debut professional album ‘Golden Slumbers’, made under the moniker Hektor Red in collaboration with West London label Mi7 Records, original home to Bastille’s Dan Smith, was an adventure in psychedelic whimsy a la Syd Barrett.

This lead to joining Babyshamble’s Adam Ficek’s touring band as a lead guitarist and singer, performing at theatres, clubs, radios shows and festivals round the UK and Europe.

Additional work as a session guitarist resulted in performing all the guitars on the BAFTA winning soundtrack The Theory of Everything.

He has composed music for TV and short films, as well as releasing electronica as Left of Manila, receiving support from BBC6 ‘s Mary Anne Hobbs and Cerys Matthews.

On Eskimo Recordings he has released music under ‘Languages’ and signed the project to Universal Publishing (DE).

In 2020 Ed released ‘Nightfall on the Lake’, an ambient take on rural soundscapes for solo guitar and piano recorded in Scotland.

Clients & Collaborators

A selection of the talented artists / producers to have worked with Ed Bentley


Johann Johannsson (Golden Globe/BAFTA winner),

Dustin O’Halloran (Emmy winner),



Holly Herndon, 

Adam Ficek (Babyshambles), 

Sophie Hunger, 

Kristof Hahn (Swans), 

Paul Wallfish (Swans),

Larry Mullins (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), 

AJ Tracey, 

Jeff Darko

Jim Kroft, 

All The Luck In The World, 

Dear Reader,

Paul Pilot,

Hannes Butze,

Tadeu Patolla (Latin Grammy winner),

Daniel Arruda,


Jonathan Kluth,

Alexa Shoen,

Ben Barritt,

Ryan McMullan,


A Band of Buriers,

Esben & The Witch,


Teresa Bergman,

Zebo Adam,
Tom Adams,

Charlotte Brandi (Me and My Drummer),

Joe Joaquim,

The Anna Thompsons,

Arish Khan (King Khan & The Shrines),

Johannes Oerding,

Michael Schulte,

Max Prosa,




For all bookings and production enquiries please contact:


Ed Bentley – ed@bakermoon.com