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The Bakermoon Apartment ‘unplugged sessions’…volume 1…

An series of unplugged sessions recorded live at the Bakermoon Records apartment in Berlin by Ed Bentley …

A selection of recent Live recordings made at Paul Lincke Studios of various Berlin based artists, by Ed Bentley

“How To Build An Arc” – 7″ Vinyl by James. P. Honey…co-produced by Bakermoon

The unstoppable James. P. Honey of A Band Of Buries fame releases “How To Build An Arc” as a split 7″ Vinyl – James. P. Honey / Les Swashbuckling Napoleons – on London’s Mism Records. “How To Build An Arc” was … Continue reading

Latest Left of Manila track ‘Keep you Walking’ available now for streaming …

‘A Band of Buriers’ haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games, recorded by Bakermoon

Bakermoon and Grannyflat Studios record A Band of Buriers’ haunting live performance of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’, on location somewhere in the Oxfordshire countryside …    

Left of Manila sign licensing agreement for ‘Coast EP’

Excited to announce that we have secured a non-exclusive licensing agreement for the Left of Manila ‘Coast EP’ with L.A based Experience Music Group.

‘Delirium of Love’, screened at Pasaka film festival

Watch here: Listen here:      

Moby Dick recital over ‘At Your Side’ on BBC6 Cerys Matthews spoken word version of At Your Side