The Bakermoon Quad 8 ‘Coronado’:

We chose our Quad 8 ‘Coronado’ as the recording studio centre piece for it’s exceptional sound and pedigree, famous as they are for countless awesome records over the years.

Here is a great article from the ever informative Tape Op magazine outlining a bit of history of Quad 8 for those less familiar:

Bakermoon Studios owner, Ed Bentley, first came across Quad 8 whilst working at the previous studio located at the Bakermoon space – Golden Retriever Studios . The high-end vintage set up at Golden Retriever was based around channel strips of the 60s version of the Quad 8 consoles, ‘Electrodyne’.

Electrodyne consoles were well know for having been used on the likes of Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’ as well as being the console of choice for many year at Motown. There were also some fantastic 70s Quad 8 preamps and compressors at Golden Retriever studios, which combined with the Electrodynes provided an extremely warm, wholesome sound that seemed to perfectly compliment the demands of tracking direct to ProTools for many of the projects.

As such, whilst shopping around for an analogue console that would provide that much loved warmth, as well as being the centre-piece for the new Berlin recording studio, Ed considered a number of options, including a classic 400 series MCI, until eventually finding the ideal board: a 1978 Quad 8 ‘Coronado’.

The Bakermoon Coronado was previously owned by Arctic Monkeys producer Jim Abbiss, and we picked it up and shipped it over to Berlin from London. Et voila!